Katja Hartung

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Katja is the co-founder and creative director at Toben, a Sydney studio for design and art direction. Toben is independent and creative-led, with a focus on defining meaningful brands, and connecting them with their audiences through engaging creative. 
The work is multi-disciplinary – spanning from brand concepts to digital, print and spatial – and is known for a conceptual approach and innovative well-crafted designs. 
Toben’s clients range from the art sector to some select commercial clients; including a six year brand guardianship for Art Series Hotels, and projects for the MCA and ECP. 
With a background in graphic design and new media design (MA), Katja worked as a designer in Germany and Sydney, before co-founding Toben in 2010. 
The motivation was – and very much still is – the idea to create an agile environment that is driven by creative potential.