Kelly Thompson

Creative Director / Illustrator

Kelly Thompson
Kelly Thompson1
An initial career in fashion photography soon evolved. Inspired by the models she photographed Thompson began to capture her subjects as ephemeral illustrations that were published by major publications leading to a loyal following of fans. As her work became in demand she found herself working full time as a freelance artist, being invited as a guest speaker at popular creative events and collaborating with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. As her popularity grew so did her practice finding Thompson today in demand for not only her illustration but her broad creative abilities. She is one to watch and constantly evolving.
Thompson is a founding director of Maker's Mgmt, a creative consultancy and Illustration agency based in Melbourne that has worked with leading brands such as FIA Racing, Tag Heuer, Escada, M.A.C Cosmetics, Nike, Covergirl, Mini, Maybelline NY, Apple and Pepsi. Thompson is a popular public speaker, educator and fashion enthusiast and clients continue to place much value on the Thompson brand which has lead to ambassadorship roles for high profile companies such as Nintendo. This personal brand value has translated into work as a creative consultant for businesses and individuals who admire Thompson's direction, taste and ability to appeal to a broad audience. She is intelligent, dedicated, multifaceted and full of ideas.