Kjetil Trædal

Founding Partner & Director ∙ Snøhetta

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Kjetil is a founder of Snøhetta (ˈsnøːˌhɛtɑ], an architecture practice that originated in Norway but now works all around the world on projects that enhance the sense of place and identity and foster relationships between people and environment. Museums, markets, reindeer observatories, landscapes and dollhouses have all benefitted from Snøhetta’s high level of care and attention to purpose. Snøhetta co-founder Kjetil Trædal spent most of his Norwegian childhood on the costal island of Karmøy. In 1985, he completed his Dipl.Ing of Architecture in Graz, Austria before moving, in the same year, to Oslo to start his first private architecture practice. In 1989, he co-founded Snøhetta and, in the same year, Norway’s first architectural gallery, Galleri ROM. Since Snøhetta’s inception, Kjetil has been instrumental in defining and developing the scope of the studio’s philosophy and architectural ambition.