Lucy Blakiston

CEO & Founder ∙ Shit You Should Care About

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Shit You Should Care About

Lucy is the CEO and Founder of Shit You Should Care About - a media company with a daily newsletter, two podcasts, and a social following of over 3.6 million people.

At Shit You Should Care About we whole-bloody-heartedly believe that we should all be able to understand the news/the world around us because it’s happening to all of us. So that’s exactly what we help to do. We cut through the bullshit, the jargon, the clickbait, the “fake news,” the paywalls - all of the shit that makes information feel inaccessible - and make it accessible (with a few Harry Styles pictures thrown in there for good measure).

And we do this as self-described non-experts. We’re talking to you as your mates, not your teachers. We’re using words (and often memes) that you can understand to explain things you deserve to understand - because we’re all just humans trying to navigate this weird world, together.