Mike Hewson

Visual Artist

Mike Hewson — Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2023
Mike Hewson — Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2023

Mike Hewson is a visual artist with a background in structural engineering and heavy civil construction. His award-winning projects pioneer new ways to merge conceptual art projects into the public realm.

Hewson works to prove we can do things that are considered untenable in a public setting. Each project aims to catalyse fresh conversation about how the bureaucratic and managerial aspects of power are shaping our public lives, asking if we like that shape or if we’d like to consider other options.
He has completed five large-scale public art commissions in Australia, many of them sculpture park-cum-playgrounds. Hewson received a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Civil Engineering from the University of Canterbury, Aotearoa New Zealand, in 2007 and a Master of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) from Columbia University, New York in 2016.