Millie Arora

Partner ∙ ReD Associates

Millie Arora – Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2022

Millie Arora is a San Francisco-based partner at ReD Associates who drives ReD’s practice in financial services, insurance, and healthcare in the US.

She specializes in bringing a social science lens to complex regulatory and B2B situations. In healthcare, she has helped life sciences company build patient-centric agenda including value propositions and patient support programs. In financial services and insurance, she guides her clients towards a better understanding of how people’s complex relationship to money can inform the right way to engage with consumers — both digitally and in-person. 
Prior to becoming partner, Millie was the COO of ReD, with a particular focus on company growth. Before joining ReD, Millie was a strategy consultant at the New York Economic Development Corporation under the Bloomberg Administration where she developed a portfolio of initiatives to strengthen the resilience of New York City’s economy following the 2008 financial crisis. Her commentary and analysis have been published in American Banker, Slate, and many other publications. She holds a Masters in Public Affairs from Princeton University.