Paula Troxler

Artist and Designer

If you like your shit trippy then get yourself along to Der Hund, a website by Paula Troxler and Kleon Medugorac, which reads (and looks) like an abstract parallax trolling of the spastic clickbait sites but is a platform for exploring different artistic fields, visions and experiment. In other words – it’s great. Paula’s 15-second bio goes like this: born 1981 in Willisau, Switzerland, she studied visual communication with specialisation in illustration at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences for Art and Design. In 2006, based in Zurich, where she still lives, she began working as a freelance illustrator, with a five-month stint in Ethiopia working on a book project for Caritas Schweiz. Her day-to-day consists of editorial illustration, poster assignments for theatres and cultural events, festival identities, book publications, murals, collaborations with other graphic studios, advertisements and exhibitions. She has been self-publishing her own daily calendar, “Every Day a Drawing”, since 2010.