Perks and Mini

Fashion Label

Outside of their seasonal fashion collections; P.A.M. have created an new aesthetic and a multi-faceted world consisting of art, music, and a plethora of creative projects, channeling an eclectic culture of present day Pop, and postmodernist appropriation that’s distinctly underscored by a fascination with anarchy and the psychedelic and the independence born of creativity and free thinking.
P.A.M. products are highly covetable and can be found at carefully selected boutiques worldwide; encapsulating the freedom and creativity of DIY, and successfully blurring the lines between Fashion/ Art/Design/Fine-Art. P.A.M.’s foray in the fashion/art/creative world continues to evolve and expand and their footprints have generated devoted PAM followers worldwide seeking new ways of living in an increasingly homogenized world.
They have brought into their world an extensive list of collaborators such as acclaimed American artist Mike Kelly, avant-garde fashion designer Jun Takahashi of Undercover, EYE from the Boredoms, Super Sunglasses, photographers Ari Marcopoulos and Peter Sutherland, 2ManyDJ’s, Matt Edwards (Radioslave) and Thomas Bullock (Rub’n’Tug). PAM has also collaborated with the likes of Nike, Disney, Stussy, Masterpiece, DFA & Mash SF with their clothing line, and have a subsidiary publishing house PAMBOOK, having published the likes of Joseph Szabo, Mark Borthwick, Albert Oehlen and Barry McGee.
PAM continues to grow its oeuvre, expanding their collections and scope of projects, nurturing relationships with collaborators, curators, galleries and retailers, to continue contributing and help build contemporary culture.