Ramona Telecican


Ramona Telecican
Ramona Telecican presented at the Sydney Semi Permanent Creativity and Design Festival in 2018 whilst working at VICE Media (Australia) as Supervising Producer.
Ramona is currently a freelance Producer and Marketing Consultant working on various projects with a broad spectrum of agencies, clients and storytellers.
During her time at VICE Media (Australia), she produced an abundance of documentary and commercial work both at home and abroad across all of VICE's channels.

MUNCHIES, VICE’s food channel, is a signature youth-driven perspective on the intersection where people and food connect. The channel chronicles the wide spectrum of the culinary experience and the characters that are pulling us forward: chefs and home cooks, food lovers, “front” and “back of house” restaurant staff, pioneers and pragmatists.

Ramona played a significant hand in producing all of Australia's MUNCHIES content during her time at VICE, including the contribution of Australian episodes to the iconic MUNCHIES franchise; Chef's Night Out, assisting in the production of Action Bronson's "F*ck That's Delicious", documenting Bacardi’s Olympic-style Cocktail Competition, and producing a suite of How-To content with young Australian chefs. Most recently, playing part in pulling together CLUB MUNCHIES; a 9 day food affair for young chefs, and diners to connect, MUNCHIES style, in line with the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

Ramona spends a lot of time at the passes of some of Australia's best young food talent and perhaps even more time with her face buried in their cuisines. She is passionate about providing an irreverent, playful and meaningful storytelling platform to those intimately connected with food, both in the kitchen and out.