Steve Dunstan

Brand Director / Co Founder ∙ Huffer

Steve Dunstan - Headshot
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Pursuing the endless winters, snowboarding between hemispheres lead Steve to co founding Huffer in 1997.
Born in the Hills and raised on the streets, Huffer started in 1997 and grew to become an iconic, loved NZ brand.
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With 24 years in the game Steve has taken the brand around the world hustling boarder controls, fuelled on cheap beer and by pizza by the slice, Steve has surfed old couches and taken lessons, experiences and found new friends. A departure from home expanded his world but more importantly has solidified the appreciation for who we are and where we are from.
Steve has nurtured and has grown the brand over this time with passion in building connections and community.
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With a clear mission to create the opportunities to hang out, Steve explores how the brand can enable people to come together and create belonging and bonds with the gravitation of aspiration, balanced with accessibility and inclusivity.