Wieden & Kennedy’s most notable work is arguably that done for their one original client, Nike. Upon moving from McCann-Erickson to the newly formed agency in 1982, a lasting relationship was built between the young companies. In the following years Nike cemented its brand image, in large part due to the agencies campaign techniques which injected irreverent humor and popular cultural references into the company’s ads. In 1988, Wieden coined Nike’s signature slogan, “Just Do It,” which propelled both the agency and shoe company into national spotlight almost overnight. More recent success for the agency can be found in their current Old Spice campaign titled, ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,’ which recently won the 2010 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial. Along with these, the agency currently boasts accounts with major corporations such as Coca-Cola, Target, ESPN, Sony, Honda, Chevrolet and Ebay, among many others.

Don Shelford & Sezay Altinok presented at Semi-Permanent Sydney in 2006, and 2013 in Los Angeles.