Tilt Brush at Semi Permanent

Tilt Brush at Semi Permanent

"Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless." 

We're collaborating with the Google Immersive Design team to help boost your understanding of VR and how it will define your industry over the coming years. To do this we want to connect you with an unprecedented suite of artists, designers and engineers over a range of interactive experiences across all three days of Semi Permanent Sydney 2017

As part of this experience, if you are a Sydney ticket holder, you should also be holding a Google Cardboard headset - this is your ticket to a takeaway Tilt Brush world of 360 art from artist James Jean, Sharni Spencer from the Australian Ballet, Letterist Luke Lucas and Architect Kelvin Ho.

Simply click on any of the below YouTube videos, slide your phone into your Cardboard headset and enjoy!

Tips for the best viewing experience in Google Cardboard:

1. Download the latest YouTube App.
2. Tap on the share arrow on the top right of the video, then tap on the 3 dots.
3. The YouTube App will open. Pause the video. Then tap Cardboard icon and the video will switch to landscape and a split screen format.
4. Tap the ‘Gear’ icon and then tap ‘Headset’ and follow the instructions on screen to scan the QR code located on the bottom of your Semi Permanent Google Cardboard headset.
5. Place your smartphone into your headset, align the centre line on the video screen with the centre of the headset.
6. With the headset over your eyes, navigate to the play button and tap the button on the top of the headset to play the video.

* You can also view in 360 degrees without a headset on a desktop, by clicking and dragging with your mouse, or using the YouTube app for mobile by finger swiping or physically moving your device around.

James Jean (Artist) / Sharni Spencer (Dancer ) 

Kelvin Ho (Architect) / Luke Lucas (Letterist)

fLuke Lucas (Letterist) + Kelvin Ho (Architect)

James Jean at Home

On the 8th May, Semi Permanent dropped by James Jean's LA studio to witness his first experience of using Tilt Brush. Here's a few behind the scenes moments from the shoot. Look out for the project highlights montage on June 20.

James Jean in Los Angeles
James Jean in Los Angeles. Photos by Trevor King
James Jean
James Jean
James Jean
James Jean



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