Building Blocks – Workshop

Building Blocks – Workshop

So you're creative and overflowing with incredible ideas, your days are filled making, dreaming...and occasionally, wondering how the hell you turn this love into a money-making enterprise!

In the beginning, the creative journey is all fun and roses and a big play day. You often stumble into a creative path, a hobby gets away on itself and suddenly it's your job, but you often fail to consider exactly how this fun is going to work as a business. It's a common thread with creatives - all heart and no planning, but it doesn't need to be this way if you get your processes down from the start and ask yourself some serious questions... questions you need to answer, sometimes with brutal honesty.

This class is for both creative beginners and people who have been working for a couple of years and will provide tips and insight into turning your hobby into a job.


Part 1 – A brief history of Kelly Thompson's work and current business

Part 2 – What do you need to consider before taking the leap and turning your creative hobby into a full-time job?
How to recognise your creative strengths and get them working for you.
How to determine what makes you interesting and different.
Hard questions to ask yourself before leaving your day job. 

Part 3 – First Business Steps
What important processes/paperwork/building blocks, do you need in place before taking your first client?
Tips for preparing your base paperwork and setting up your business.

Part 4 – How do you develop that elusive style?
Analysing goals, values, interests and strengths 
How do you edit your folio and shape it?

Part 5 – How do you approach agents and what should you consider?
Tips to grab attention and get you in the door instead of in a spam bin.

Part 6 – How to find your voice on social media choosing your best channels developing your voice quality, consistency and collaboration

Part 7 – Helpful Tools

Date: Thursday 10th August
Venue: Spark Lab, Level 4 Seafarers Building, 52 Tyler Street
Time: 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Speakers and Artists

Kelly Thompson Creative Director / Illustrator Auckland, New Zealand

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