NIDA Interactive Workshops

NIDA Interactive Workshops

We've teamed up with Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) to create two bespoke experiences aimed at helping you build confidence in front of a big or small audience, and shaping the way you present ideas to ensure you get the right message across to your client, boss or collaborator. 

Workshop 1 - ​Influence & Engage 
An intensive and interactive seminar exploring the skills vital to effective presentation. Utilising NIDA’s world-renowned acting techniques, Influence & Engage will give participants practical tools to enhance their physical presence and deliver presentations with success. The seminar will be facilitated by two NIDA Corporate tutors and run over three hours with a short break.
Hosted on Thursday May 26: 1pm - 3pm

Workshop 2 - Fake It Til You Make It
Being open and authentic in the way we interact with one another is essential to building successful relationships. Authentic communication is about being in the moment and connecting to the truth. So why do we feel the need to fake it in order to make it? This interactive seminar will provide an opportunity to analyse your style and observe genuine, trustworthy and authentic communication using a variety of creative and practical techniques to help you develop meaningful relationships and become a trusted leader.
Hosted on Friday May 27: 1pm - 3pm

To gain entry into either or both workshops, you'll need to purchase a Premium Upgraded ticket, for that specific day.

NIDA Workshops
NIDA workshops
NIDA workshops



Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh NSW 2015

26th May 2016

1:00 pm

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