Workshop: The Politics of Design

Workshop: The Politics of Design

An interactive workshop that tackles the issue of 'politics' in design; how to carve out some 'creative space' from the various givens and requirements of our commercial projects. 

In doing so we have looked to develop various strategies over the years that help us to recognise and negate what might be the particular barriers to making good work found within any client's particular situation or brief.

This might be ways to counter the 'please everyone and no one' pressures that can come with a multi-headed client such as those found in large institutions or dealing with the unbending 'benign dictatorship' of an interesting but very single-minded client. 

Often it is about finding a 'political solution' that also allows the client to get a piece of work out of our collaboration that they love too, whilst simultaneously addressing the various voices and expectations of their own stake holders.

To attend this workshop and all other side events, you must purchase a Workshop & Experience pass + a hold a Semi Permanent ticket. Please contact for more informaton. 

NB: Workshop & Experience pass is included in premium tickets - RSVP is still essential. Email to secure your spot.

“It's always enjoyable to have such conversations with designers outside the immediate needs of our normal daily studio practice”

Andy Stevens
I Am a Camera, Graphic Thought Facilitiy


Speakers and Artists

Andy Stevens Co-Founder, Graphic Thought Facility London, United Kingdom


Alt Group

16 Mackelvie St, Grey Lynn

11th Aug 2016

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

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