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Sia + Daniel Askill The Videos 2003 – 2021 Covid-19 Contingency Plan
Based on the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) of Portugal, the present event will have a Contingency Plan in place, which gathers the necessary procedures for the proper protection of all stakeholders. 
Users (teams and the public) who have symptoms compatible with COVID-19 should refrain from attending cultural spaces. 
From the contingency plan, we highlight some of the guidelines specifically addressed to the public: 
Purchase of tickets and arrival at the Palacete Pinto Leite 
All event tickets can be acquired through digital platforms, in advance and free of charge. Printing tickets are not necessary.
The use of a mask is mandatory throughout the event; 
People wishing to participate in the event must wait in the enclosure (outside space). To enter Palacete Pinto Leite authorisation is required.
Participants will be oriented to enter the Palace after getting authorisation. Hence, each person must wait for new instructions, and a proper distance from the other participants must be kept.
All participants must allow temperature measurements for entering the event (data is not registered). Preventive measures will be given.
A recommended distance of 2 meters between people should be maintained, whenever possible; 
All physical contact, including handshaking and hugging, should be avoided; 
Avoid sharing any personal object.
The use of a mask (brought by the spectator) from the arrival to the departure of the space is mandatory, including during the visit; 
At the entrance, and various points in the space, alcohol-gel will be made available for disinfection of hands before entering the building and in all places deemed necessary; 
The local reception has marked the minimum safety distance; 
The attendance at the local reception will be performed in rooms 1 and 2, with the attendance team wearing a mask; 
All common touch surfaces/materials (e.g. pens) will be sanitized and disinfected after each use - between participants; 
The room capacity where the whole event takes place is reduced to 50%, all of them within the distance stipulated by law. Each group will consist of a maximum of 6 people, without including the guide that accompanies the group. Each visit will run for approximately 50 minutes, with only 2 groups possible at the same time, the second group will only be able to start the visit after the previous one is in room 7 (on the passage to the 1st floor) and no number more than 12 participants, simultaneously, is allow in the Palace space.
Circulation on the premises, hygiene and disinfection 
Toilets and common contact and passage points will be sanitized and disinfected at each new visit, in particular, stair railings; 
Entry to room 1 (reception of participants) will be brought forward, whenever possible, to 15 minutes and 20 minutes in advance for organizing and informing the measures to the participants. The entrance of the public will be done with the proper distance; 
The entry and exit of the space will be made by different corridors, directly to the outer space, with no meeting between groups; 
After entering any of the rooms and during the event, and after all spectators leave, the space, all accesses and common points will be sanitized and disinfected (corridors, toilets, handles, door handles, switches, etc.); 
The entire Reception, Room Front and Sanitation and Disinfection team, which accompanies the public in the Rooms, will be properly equipped (mask, gloves and individual alcohol-gel dispenser); 
The exhibition rooms will be cleaned before the public enters and after their departure at the end of the event; 
Spectators are not allowed to remain inside the building after the end of the visit. In case of intending to wait for a member of the technical team, they must communicate the interest to one of the space workers and wait in the outer space, maintaining the safety distances decreed.
Your safety is our concern, we count on you.
Buy your tickets in advance, thus guaranteeing your participation in this unique event in Portugal!  
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