Brian Roettinger

Artist and Designer, Partner ∙ Perron—Roettinger

Brian Roettinger
Brian Roettinger – Jay Z

The work of graphic designer/artist Brian Roettinger is an uncanny union of punk ideology with a conceptually driven mode of modernist design.

He frequently employs architectural strategies such as repetition and structure, while subverting this sense of order by manipulating the production process in unexpected or “wrong” ways (think pulling the sheet out of the printer before it is done). At the beginning of 2018, Brian merged with long-time collaborator Willo Perron and are now partners at Perron—Roettinger.   

The majority of his work lives in the form of branding and printed media. Over the years his creative output has come to encompass not only graphic design and typography but also: product design, publishing, editing, and directing.

He continues to work with a wide variety of artists in the music business taking an holistic approach to the design process from music videos and album packaging to live show creative direction. Working with acts such as: Jay-Z, Kesha, Childish Gambino, Anderson .Paak, No Age, Florence + The Machine and Mark Ronson to name a few. He has received three Grammy nominations for album packaging, Florence + The Machine's, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (2016), Jay- Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail (2014) and No Age’s Nouns (2009). 

Bringing a sense of sophistication to an underground aesthetic in a distinctly honest application is a testament to Roettinger's creative character as a whole. In 2015, a monograph of his work was published as an edition of The Thing Quarterly. Roettinger’s work has been shown at galleries and museums in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brno, and Los Angeles.