Charles Adler

Founder and Co-Founder ∙ Lost Arts & Kickstarter

Designer, Entrepreneur and Technologist with a slant toward architecture, the future, creative independence and a world driven more globally by people.

Charles is a social entrepreneur, Co-founder and former Head of Design at Kickstarter, and Founder of Lost Arts.

Kickstarter, the ground-breaking crowdfunding platform, revolutionized how creative projects are funding globally. Lost Arts, a new experiment in the future of creative work, aims to drive innovation through open support of creativity.

As a leading entrepreneur and designer, his work ranges from systems design to interaction and community design, interface design to information architecture.

In 2013 he was named as one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 12 Most Disruptive Figures in Business.

Charles co-founded Kickstarter in 2009 shaping it into the world’s largest platform funding independent creative endeavours. Since it’s inception, Kickstarter has raised over $2B from over 6.4M people for over 75,000 successful projects ranging from computer games to music albums, technology, fashion, educational projects and full-length feature films.

Charles previously co-founded the online art publication Subsystence, and founded Source ID, where he operated as Principal Creative Director from 2003 to 2009.