Ethan Eismann

Senior Vice President of Design ∙ Slack


Ethan Eismann is the Senior Vice President of Design at Slack, leading teams that transform the way millions of people work and play. Prior to Slack, Ethan led product strategy and cross-functional design for the world’s largest marketplaces at Google, Uber, and Airbnb.

As Senior Vice President of Design at Slack, Ethan leads an organisation focused on crafting products that help make people’s working lives simpler and more productive. Prior to Slack, he led Airbnb’s design team, focusing on the startup’s core homesharing operation. He has been Head of Design at Uber, leading a team of 180 people in creating the next generation of transportation, and Head of Commerce Design at Google, leading teams implementing the flagship products Android Pay, Google Express, Google Wallet, Google Trips and Google Offers.