Ethan Eismann

Director of Design - Homes – Airbnb website

Ethan is the Director of Design for Airbnb Homes, leading the user experience of home-sharing. Prior to Airbnb, Ethan led the global product design team at Uber and Google's shopping, travel, and payments user experience teams. Ethan is passionate about the design of global marketplaces that create economic empowerment, improve trust and belonging, and impact billions of people across the world.

Semi Permanent Sydney 2016, May 26 - 28

Sydney 2016

A festival of talks, exhibitions, installations, innovations labs, workshops, parties and networking opportunities - May 26 - 28
Future State

Future State

Technology and global connections - Presented by Qantas

Auckland 2018

Bigger, better, brighter and back in Auckland.
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Future of the Future

What should New Zealand companies be thinking about to ensure success and relevance in 20, 30 or even 50 years?

Design that doesn’t scale

with Ethan Eismann - Airbnb Product Director

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