Nicola Peters

Founder and CEO ∙ Not Yet Found, re:earth

Nicola Peters has a razor-sharp antenna for future proofing. Nicola’s barometer for looking ahead and foreseeing the unfolding landscapes has led her to consult for many FTSE100 and global companies - AirBnB, Burberry, Harrods, Coca-Cola and Roborace to name a few. Nicola is a serial entrepreneur and has founded multiple startups driven to make the ‘futuristic’ a reality. Working between disciplines on unique innovation and new business solutions Nicola believes the world we live in today is behind what we know is possible and her work strives to bridge that gap. Building new futures for tomorrow’s consumers and users, underpinning her practice Nicola redefines how we engage with the five senses and beyond to make more evocative and seductive products and services. A champion and advocate for technology and innovation, Nicola is working to unite technology and empathy, with creativity at the core Nicola strives to create new codes and modalities in the world of lopsided, masculine driven AI and technology. Her most recent venture explores consciousness: it’s implications for the singularity, the mind, body and the future humans' spiritual connection to technology. Marketing Magazine Next Gen 30 under 30.