Sinéad Burke

Founder ∙ Tilting The Lens

Sinéad Burke — Semi Permanent Sydney 2023
Sinéad Burke — Semi Permanent Sydney 2023

Tilting the Lens is a consultancy that asks, “is this accessible?”. We start conversations in every room to address inaccessibility. We design with Disabled people, not for Disabled people. We craft solutions to intentionally build an accessible and equitable world. 

Tilting the Lens was founded in 2020 by Sinéad Burke, a Disabled educator, advocate and author who champions accessibility, equity and social justice. Established on the three pillars of education, advocacy and design, Tilting the Lens advises major global brands including Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Netflix, Pinterest and Starbucks, guiding them in their move from awareness to action by creating more accessible practices, policies, products and services, places and promotions.
Sinéad serves on Gucci's Global Equity Board, ITV’s Cultural Advisory Council, the Irish President’s Council of State and Ireland’s Future of Media Commission. She is also part of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, as well as the European Young Leaders. As a passionate writer, podcast host and public speaker, Sinéad facilitates honest conversations about identity, disability and accessibility.
Her work has been featured and recognised by Vogue, The Financial Times, Fast Company, WWD, Vanity Fair, The Business of Fashion, and many more. Her children’s book, Break the Mould, is a primer on how to take your place in the world – with lessons for all. It won the ‘Specsavers Children's Books of the Year' at the An Post Irish Book Awards in 2020.