Taryn Kljakovic

Head of Promotions and Co-Founder ∙ Sony Music NZ and OK Now Ladies

Taryn Kljakovic has worked in the Music industry in Auckland for the past 10 years, while raising her toddler son and running her community project the Women’s Collective with her wife Sasha.
The Women’s Collective was founded in 2015 to create an intentional platform for women to connect.
Using both social media and once-a-month meetups to bring like (and not-so-like) minds together, the Women’s Collective is redefining one of the oldest communication technologies—the conversation circle—to create an engaging, collaborative space where innovators and thought leaders can share their stories, and where conversations are ignited.
With the assistance of a team of volunteers, the Women’s Collective hosts events that bring their diverse community together, to speak openly and encourage conscious thought surrounding issues that affect us both locally and globally.