Tim Harper

CEO & Co-Founder ∙ Glorious

Tim Harper, Glorious – Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2022
Tim Harper, Glorious – Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2022

Glorious is a creative studio and premium NFT marketplace working with the world’s finest artists and legacy institutions as they navigate this rapidly evolving space.

Tim Harper has a significant portfolio in the world of creative production, bringing to life and co-creating The Great New Zealand Songbook, The Great New Zealand Cookbook, and The Offering Project, as well as international productions including America The Great Cookbook. 
He has collaborated closely with artists across many disciplines and has a flair for balancing the creative and commercial ambitions of projects and partners. A passionate art collector, Tim sees NFTs as both a new frontier for creative adventurers and a powerful way to champion and empower artists.
Tim founded Glorious alongside longtime business partner Murray Thom, All Black legend Dan Carter and PWC Head Scott McLiver.