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What is Semi Permanent?


It all started with a swear-laden email from Banksy, insisting we pay him in cash for his involvement in the very first Semi Permanent. 

18-years, 65+ events, 12 cities, 1,000+ speakers and artists, and 400,000+ attendees later, Semi Permanent is now part of the fabric of a global creative and business community helping to design a world we want to be a part of. 

Semi Permanent is a platform for business and creativity. It’s where inspiration is born, where careers are started, where innovations are launched, and where radical ideas about the future are shared, dissected and stitched back together again in service of the greater good. This isn’t done all at once, but in a few varying formats: 

  1. A live event series where the world’s best thinkers share their knowledge.

“Business-conference”, “design-symposium”, “creative-summit”, whatever you want to call it  — our live events drop the world’s most revolutionary thinkers on a global stage, teaching valuable and inspiring lessons to delegates across business, design and creativity. That includes industry-leading companies (Apple, Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, National Geographic, Patagonia), creative heavyweights (Tony Hawk, Oliver Stone, Bjarke Ingels, Michel Gondry, Sofia Coppola) and groundbreaking artists and designers (Shepard Fairey, Platon, CJ Hendry, Jonathan Zawada, Christoph Neimann), to name but a few. 

SONOS and former Patagonia creative director Michael Leon, Semi Permanent Sydney, 2019
Left: Tom Armstrong, VP of advertising at The New York Times, Semi Permanent Sydney 2019. Right: Volkswagen x Jason Woodside, Semi Permanent Sydney 2019

Semi Permanent events are where careers are defined and where young leaders get their start. It’s where businesses launch their biggest products, where creatives try their most ambitious projects, and where industry leaders can share their experiences in an environment custom built for them. It’s where the world’s best companies (and we mean that) arrive in secret in search of new talent. And where friendships, partnerships, networks and collaborations are born and nurtured. 

We throw a pretty good party too. 

Left: Lexus ‘Hidden Artistry’ exhibition, Semi Permanent Sydney 2017. Right: Oliver Stone, Semi Permanent Sydney, 2018
  1. A collaborative studio that solves unique business challenges with visionary ideas. 

We combine our access to talent, ideas and production to help solve unique business challenges. Some days, that means working with Google VR to push the limits of their technology; on others, it means collaborating with the State Government and Silicon Valley’s best entrepreneurs to re-design an entire town. 

A ballerina, fine artist, architect and illustrator collaborate with Google tiltbrush to push the limits of their VR technology.
‘The Panic Office’ Stanley Donwood x Radiohead retrospective. Custom built for Semi Permanent Sydney, 2015

Some other things we’ve created include: working with Radiohead to build an artistic retrospective of 2,500+ works from scratch (complete with a never-to-be-heard-again, 18-hour soundtrack from Thom Yorke); working with Mastercard to design a unique conference for their 5,000 Australian employees; producing a two-day, Google-powered diversity masterclass; an open-source design platform with activism group Sea Shepherd to stop the shark finning trade; a documentary series for Dropbox; plus film screenings, academic sessions, a youth platform and many, many more. We mediate between developed businesses and ultra-sharp creative minds to raise the bar for how problems are solved in the current age. 

National Geographic 'Make Good' workshop was a by-application-only invitation event to help solve the plastic crisis with some of Nat Geo's best design and technology leaders
  1. A publishing wing with a unique approach to academic storytelling. 

Books, digital publishing, a podcast [soon], video — we create content that scales our access to talent and valuable lessons in a more permanent home. We talk to the world’s best in business and creativity to deconstruct their success and inspire a new generation of business leaders. We uncover truths, learn secrets and scale lessons to reach tens of thousands around the world on a monthly basis. Expect to see a lot more here in the coming months.

'Designing Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour', Semi Permanent online
‘Made by Monkeys’ book for The Monkeys

These are the most current permutations of the Semi Permanent name, but this will change as sure as the world does. Our core philosophy has always been to bring people together to share experiences that inspire us and open the doors to new possibilities and new futures. It’s essential we keep rethinking the horizon line of success and expand the realm of who we can work with to make that happen. 

We’ve got a lot more to say about all this. Come to one of our events or just get in touch with us if you’d like to hear it. 

Until then, 

Team SP

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Head Office — Sydney, Australia

69 Fitzroy Street
Surry Hills,  NSW 2010

New Zealand Office — Auckland, New Zealand

66 Sackville Street
Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand, 1021

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