Idea Champion

Danny Coster

Develop your unique design DNA, elevate your inner champion of bold ideas, explore your memories and trusted intuition.

An escalating series of discussions & breakouts will ...
  • Clarify personal Principles of Creativity

  • Explore techniques in trusted Teamwork

  • Illuminate your Intuitive Idea compass

  • Crystalize confidence in Shared Leadership

Join us on a journey into Creative Collective Consciousness

Course preparation

  • 8:30am Arrival

  • 9:00am Commencement

  • 11:00am Finish

Every participant is encouraged to watch Danny Coster's Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2020 talk:
  • Danny Coster

  • Culture, Community & Creativity

  • Semi Permanent 2020

  • 30 minutes 


  • Password - SemiP

  • Scrub to the 7 hour 34 minute mark

Resources to bring

  • Notebook & pen

  • Water bottle

  • Three 200 x 200mm colour prints

  • Images pre-cut to square size (no borders)

One print for each of the following themes:
  • Describing your favourite expression of Light

  • Describing your favourite expression of Nature

  • Describing your favourite expression of Colour