B-SIDE Gallery

Will Coles B-SIDE Gallery
Lynch B-SIDE Gallery

BSIDE Gallery represents quality Urban Contemporary Art in the heart of Fitzroy.

Established in 2016, BSIDE Gallery provides a dynamic platform for both emerging and established artists that challenges the norm of the traditional gallery setting.

Over the years, BSIDE has hosted a number of debut solo exhibitions including that of Crisis (Glen Downey), Silk Roy, Dose, Michael Cain, and Tommy Dassalo, whilst representing a handful of local and international artists including Josh Lord (AU), Caper (AU), Will Coles (UK/AU/ES), Said Dokins (MX), Tuyuloveme (ID) and Chaz Bojórquez (US).

‘BSIDE / B-side’ refers to the rare, hidden gems found on the flipside of records and cassette tapes, known for their originality and often providing a truer representation of the artist than the hit that it’s attributed to.