Chris Yee

Artist, Illustrator and Animator

Chris Yee — Semi Permanent Sydney 2023
Chris Yee — Semi Permanent Sydney 2023

Chris Yee is a Sydney-based artist, illustrator, designer, and animator specialising in traditional “pen and paper” methodologies.

He believes in the power of character and storytelling and is heavily drawn to constructing narratives ranging from the humorous to the monstrous and macabre. Inspired by comics, wrestling, K-pop, punk and 2000s rap, it is the hyperreal and grey area within these genres, the blurring believability between reality and fiction, that he finds most engaging.
Growing up in 1990s Ryde amongst the strong communities of Eastwood, he is a proud member of the evolving Asian-Australian creative identity. He strongly believes there is a unique character and original narrative found within this changing community.
Outside his art practice, Chris is a designer and animator who has produced work for some of Australia’s best-known brands, including Apple, VIVID Festival Sydney, Sony Australia, Samsung, Sydney Opera House, Vans, Red Bull, Universal Music and Marvel Comics. In 2019 he created his first Permanent Heritage Artwork, ‘Tumbalong’, for Chinatown, Sydney. He is currently teaching multi-disciplinary arts at the University of Sydney and from 2022 is part-lead producer for New York-based EST Media’s Australian team.