Erica Dorn

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Erica is a London-based graphic designer with a background in illustration, specializing in creating bespoke visual worlds based on engaging stories and thorough research. Her past clients range from small family businesses to global brands, and in her most recent role, she has spent the last two years working with Wes Anderson on Isle of Dogscreating thousands of miniature graphic props for the stop-motion animated film.

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Premium Experience: Hands-on workshop with Wes Anderson's Designer Erica Dorn

Step inside the world of a Wes Anderson brief in this intimate workshop with Isle of Dogs lead designer Erica Dorn.

Isle of Dogs film-screening and Q&A with Erica Dorn

Join Erica Dorn, the lead-designer behind Isle of Dogs for a special Q&A and film screening of Wes Anderson's masterpiece at QT Sydney.

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