Fiona Herse Woo

Concept Artist and Designer for VR, Google

Fiona Herse Woo is a Concept Artist and Designer for VR and AR projects at Google Daydream. Her previous work in visual design spans several fields including filmmaking, games and animation. In 2016 Fiona contributed to the Oscar nominated short film Pearl, directed by Patrick Osborne. She has produced two feature films and many shorts in her work with Dawnrunner Productions. Fiona focuses on combining live experience with animation in a fresh way to make the imagined come to life in the world of virtual and augmented reality. Design, authenticity and inclusion have always been at the core her work, and Fiona brings storytelling to the fore in the field of interactive and immersive content.

Semi Permanent Sydney 2017, May 25 - 28

Sydney 2017

A festival of talks, exhibitions, installations, innovations labs, workshops, parties and networking opportunities - May 25 - 27

Integrating Technology into your craft

With help from the Google VR, we'll explore ways to embrace new technologies into our design, art and storytelling

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