Jamie McLellan

Product Designer ∙ Allbirds

Jamie McClellan
Jamie McClellan at Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2020
Jamie McLellan is head of design for Allbirds in San Francisco, where he’s responsible for building the brand’s design ethos and product language.

The early part of Jamie’s design career was spent working in Italy, Hong Kong and Hawaii, before eventually ending up in London working closely with internationally acclaimed designer Tom Dixon.

Jamie then returned home to set up his own product and furniture design consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand. His clients included established global brands such as Cathay Pacific, Neil Pryde and Tom Dixon, along with innovative start-ups like Bodha, Resident and, most recently, Allbirds.

The objects Jamie has designed are wide ranging – from lighting to luxury watercraft, Olympic bicycles to beer taps, furniture to woollen footwear.

Often celebrating the engineering within, these designs can all be described as minimal with a singular maximal twist, or in Jamie’s words “just the right amount of nothing”.