Jim Bull

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Office ∙ Moving Brands

Jim is a creative avalanche (if you’ll pardon the icy simile…): a designer, branding guru, filmmaker and commentator all wrapped up into a gigantic creative tundra. Through his roles as co-founder and chief creative officer of Moving Brands, a global, creative business with offices in San Francisco, New York, London and Zurich, he has breathed life into products from some of the world’s most interesting businesses, including Netflix, Apple, Google, 20th Century Fox and Sony, and start ups, such as Flipboard, DeviantArt and Uber. If you like straight-talking on creativity, Jim’s your man. His outspoken style and take-no-prisoners approach has won him plenty of fans across his industry. Not content with just one day job, Jim is also working on online series of programs highlighting design in society and its impact on the world we live in (think Steve Jobs, Orson Wells and Philip Seymour Hoffman having a brainstorm about the social impact of design at John Candy’s place), and, in his ‘free’ time, you’ll find him working with his brother on Abraham Bull, a luxury watch brand, and TransAtlantic Pictures, a consultancy created to develop powerful stories for film and TV.