Jon Wiley

Google, Director of Immersive Design

Jon Wiley is the Director of Immersive Design at Google, where he leads the user experience team for all things VR and AR.

Jon is a native of Austin, where he received a degree in Theatre from the University of Texas. While performing improv and sketch comedy on Austin's famous Sixth Street, instead of waiting tables he honed his web design skills. Eventually that paid the bills better than comedy and, following several years of professional design experience, he convinced Google to hire him in 2006.

He was the first designer for Google Autocomplete (predictive search queries), was the instigator for Google Instant (search results as you type), and led the Search UX team through three redesigns, the transition to mobile, and the addition of new features such as the Knowledge Graph and voice search. Jon was also the instigator for Material Design, Google's design language for all applications and the Android platform.

In 2014, Jon joined the Google Cardboard team. Initially a 20% project for two engineers, Google Cardboard is an accessible, lightweight (literally) mechanism which, when paired with a smartphone, creates a virtual reality display. Since its debut in 2014, Google Cardboard has won numerous awards: Cannes Lion Grand Prix for Mobile, Clio Gold, and a Red Dot for Product Design.

The team has been working hard to bring virtual reality to as many as possible with the creation of Google Expeditions (virtual field trips for schools), JUMP (stereo 360 video capture), and Cardboard Camera (3D 360 panoramic photos with your smartphone), with much more on the way.

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