WATCH: Gia Coppola on creative influences, familial advice and the art of restraint.

Gia Coppola
Gia Coppola will exhibit a selection of her photographic works.

Spend five minutes on a couch with American film director and photographer Gia Coppola, for a creative conversation that meanders through the influences and process behind her 'Trinkets and Fragments' photography series.

Film direction and edit: Aimee Hoffman
Gia Coppola is a creative chameleon, lending her eye to a vast array of creative projects and collaborations, from features films, commercial campaigns and personal photography projects.
In the lead up to the exhibition of her photographic works at A Semi Permanent Hotel, we joined Coppola at her home to chat about her creative process.
"What is the theme of the photos? I think I just naturally gravitate towards taking pictures of little still lifes, and little trinkets and fragments of my life. I studied with Stephen Shore so I feel like a lot of my work is a kind of ode to him and his style."
The exhibition, 'Trinkets and Fragments,' worked with the interior architecture of Paramount House Hotel, with the works mounted in the most unexpected of places.
Gia Coppola My shoes in New Orleans
Gia Coppola's 'My Shoes in New Oreleans' hanging at A Semi Permanent Hotel.
Gia Coppola - Cutains withthe 8x10 camera
Gia Coppola prints, 'Curtain with the 8x10 Camera' and 'Flowers on a Polaroid' (SOLD) exhibited as part of her 'Trinkets and Fragments' exhibition at Semi Permanent Hotel.
'Chair in Mainstream' by Gia Coppola
'Chair in Mainstream' by Gia Coppola, available for purchase at the Semi Permanent shop.
All the works from this exhibition are for sale, so the prints can go from hanging in our house straight to yours.
View the full collection at the Semi Permanent Shop.
*If you're not located in Australia and are interested in purchasing a print, please email